Biogas - Food Waste-to-Energy Biodigester (Wisconsin)

Project Description


Anaerobic Digester Biogas

Flow Rate:

700 ppm down to 200 ppm

H2S Treatment:

500 SCFM


Qty. 1; 12’D x 11’H

Completion Date:

Summer 2013

Food Waste-to-Energy Biodigester, Wisconsin


A digester developer contacted MV Technologies to provide the sulfur removal portion of a large digester project that converts food waste into renewable energy. With a gas flow around 500 cfm, and an inlet concentration of 700 ppm, the facility requires H2S scrubbing to effectively operate the two internal combustion biogas engines.

MV Solution:

MV Technologies designed a 12’ diameter x 11’ tall single-vessel system with 882 ft3 of iron sponge media. The H2SPlus System reduces the hydrogen sulfide concentration to below 200 ppm for at least 230 days.

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