LFG - Metro Landfill Gas Processing Facility (Wisconsin)

Project Description


Landfill Gas

Flow Rate:

1,200 cfm

H2S Treatment:

150 ppm


Qty. 2; 12’Dx12’H

Completion Date:

March 2013

Metro Landfill Gas Processing Facility, Wisconsin


A solid waste disposal facility approached MV Technologies to provide a system that could treat 1,200 cfm of landfill gas being sent via pipeline to a Milwaukee wastewater treatment plant for use in turbines. H2S concentrations fluctuate anywhere from under 100 ppm up to 200 ppm. The pipeline requires a concentration of less than 100 ppm H2S.

MV Solution:

When the concentrations are detected to be above the pipeline requirement the LFG is treated through two 12’ diameter by 12’ tall fiberglass vessels containing a total of 2,016 ft3 of Iron Sponge media. With minimal treatment requirements this system has a bed life exceeding 800 days, providing an economical solution with minimal maintenance and attention.

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