H2S Removal for Odor Control

H2S Treatment for Odor Control and Safety

There's no way to understate the importance of H2S management protocols. Safety and odor control considerations are key to effective plant and facility management.


MV Technologies OdorFilter Systems are used at various processing facilities and petrochemical plants to remove mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide-based odors emitted during procedures such as loading and offloading refined products from storage tanks to truckloads or railcars. Oftentimes, these odor emissions are not only a source of public complaints, but also a safety consideration for the employees on site.


If you're ready to improve the overall functionality of your petrochemical plant, processing facility, or other manufacturing or agricultural enterprise, upgrading the on-site H2S treatment systems is an effective move. As technology advances and more innovations are integrated into the process, less odor will be emitted, and your site will become safer and more pleasant.


Odor is one of the biggest problems facing facilities like transfer stations and landfills. Noxious H2S and other odorous mercaptans pose a health, safety, and environmental risk for operators and managers, and typically require specialized solutions. MV Technologies resolves the problem, providing complete packages that include a vapor collection system, oil vapor filtration, and optimized low-cost sulfur removal with various media options for the client to choose from.


And this is just the beginning. Our team not only provides the systems you need, but we can also evaluate your current odor removal management protocol to identify gaps and other opportunities for improvement. Because our systems increase efficiency, it's also likely that your facility will also realize cost savings. With a higher rate of productivity and reliability, you'll have streamlined odor removal happening at an increased capacity. This will create global improvements that will boost the end-to-end productivity on your premises. You might be surprised by just how impactful your new, improved, and custom solutions are.


We act as a resource to industrial facilities and individuals charged with responsibility of eliminating the safety and environmental risks related to site emissions, assisting our clients with a better understanding of all available options to remediate the problem through a customized approach to our odor control solutions, meeting the specific needs of each location.


Environmental risks are receiving more attention in today's media-driven world, and it's vitally important to have an excellent, properly operating H2S removal system. Our packages address the entire lifecycle of H2S and all removal needs, including odorous mercaptans.


With our decades of experience in the field of H2S management, you can rely on us to keep your facility safe while minimizing odor. At MV Technologies, we believe in custom solutions that are tailor-made for our clients' unique needs. There's no "one-size-fits-all" option when it comes to getting it right. We don't believe in shortcuts, and neither should you. You can expect effective, efficient, and reliable systems when you partner with a firm like ours. These systems are put in place and ready to go in a timely manner so that your company can begin to reap the benefits as soon as possible.  


Additionally, in evaluating Odor Control approaches, it is important to understand the Total Cost of Ownership including Media Costs and Operator Requirements. The cost per pound of H2S removed is a critical metric to help determine the right solution, as well as the equipment integration with site configuration, and the maintenance schedule of the OdorFilter. MV Technologies provides all the necessary details to help our clients determine which solution will suit your objectives, and allow you to apply a structured approach to comparing equipment and operating costs, in order to make an educated decision for odor control.


The Baseline for Comparison of TCO is the Cost per Pound/Kilogram of H2S Removed per Unit Time under your operating conditions.


This baseline is the starting point for our work. If you want to improve the time it takes to remove H2S, the first step is to contact MV Technologies. Our site-specific solutions ensure that your plant or facility's workflows and outputs are carefully considered. Our engineering team will work with you, as well as our design and build firms to ensure that the end result meets or exceeds your expectations.


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