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MV’s SulfAxTM Systems are for use in treating biogas streams from landfills to anaerobic digesters at farms, wastewater treatment facilities and food & beverage processing operations. When evaluating the best system for your project – an MV Engineer will run the Capex vs. Opex cost difference of both a SulfAx system vs. H2SPlus system to identify the most cost-efficient solution to deliver against your project requirements.

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Design & Technology

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The SulfAx System is designed to optimize high capacity granular media. MV Technologies uses high-performance AxTrap granular media for its superior attributes and ease of removal.

The granular media is installed in fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), stainless steel or carbon vessels through a manway. Gas flows through the vessel (top down) and the iron oxide reacts with and eliminates the H2S and light mercaptans from the gas.

The spent media is removed through a bottom side manway on the vessel, typically with a vacuum truck. Vessels are sized for a certain gas velocity and desired bed life, depending on inlet H2S concentration and outlet H2S requirements.

By utilizing up to a ~20 ft. bed depth, media life can be adjusted, depending on available pressure drop. Additional vessel designs for the media are available and range from drums to roll-off style vacuum boxes.

  • Different formulations of the media are available based on application and the presence of varied constituents in the gas such as non-methane VOC's and siloxanes.
  • Effectively removes H2S with or without O2 in the gas – and based on the amount of O2 in the gas – removal efficiency of up to 20 lbs. of H2S per cubic foot of media.

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Performance & Benefits

The SulfAx System is superior to the other leading granular media based systems in the following ways:

  1. Lower pressure drop.
  2. The spent media can be vacuum removed even if O2 is present and without the need for water. This makes changeouts safer, quicker and easier.
  3. The unique iron-oxide matrix of the AxTrapTM media avoids the excessive heating and combustion commonly found with other spent iron-oxide media (both on combustible and non-combustible substrates).
  4. Injection of small amounts of air may improve efficiency by as much as 50% or greater.
  5. Not affected by free liquids.
  6. Does not contain crystalline silica, commonly known as “quartz” that is known to cause cancer (a carcinogen) which is OSHA hazardous when present above a level of 0.2% by weight.

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*MV Technologies is a distributor of AxTrap™ media products. AxTrap™ media is the exclusive product of Axens with USA and foreign patents granted and applied for. AxTrap™ is a trademark of Axens, all rights reserved.

CLICK to Download SulfAx System Brochure