MVNetsTM System

Use a Net, Not a Shovel.

In sharp contrast with other dry scrubber systems, media changes with MV’s H2SPlus systems are predictable, simple and efficient. All the innovation in the world doesn’t count unless it can be easily applied. This is where MV Technologies makes it easy to see the difference.


The H2SPlus system incorporates the use of our proprietary MVNet system, making spent media changeouts safe and easy. In conjunction with our tank design, spent material is simply lifted out the top.

The maintenance of our H2S systems is a safe, timesaving process that doesn’t involve 3-4 man-days of crawling around inside the reactor tank to clean it out at media changeover. We simply lift the media out the top. Use a Net, Not a Shovel™.

H2SPlus™ System Media Replacement Steps:
  • Soak media 12-24 hours and remove the lid
  • Lift out the spent media with our integrated MVNet™ system
  • Replace MVNets and Refill with MV’s BAM enhanced iron sponge media.
  • Watch media changeout video

    No Disposal Issues–Complete Conversion of H2S

    At end of life, MV’s media:

      • is non-hazardous
      • passes the Environmental Protection Agency’s T.C.L.P test and meets O.S.H.A. definitions of a “not readily ignitable solid”
      • can be composted, land-applied, or disposed of in landfills.

    Spent Iron Sponge is not considered a hazardous waste as it exhibits none of the four characteristics defined in 40 CFR Part 261 Subpart C – ignitability (D001), corrosivity (D002), reactivity (D003), and toxicity (D004 – D043).

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