H2S Odor Control Systems

OdorFilterTM Systems

MV Technologies OdorFilterTM Systems are designed to optimize the performance of dry scrubber technologies to neutralize malodorous sulfur bearing compounds and H2S vapors while ensuring the most cost-effective solutions based on unique system parameters.

MV Technologies offers both enhanced iron sponge-based (OdorFilterTM) and granular-based (OdorFilterTM-G) odor control systems to manage mercaptans and most sulfur based compounds. Our systems are engineered to optimize a single media or combination of media for maximum efficiency, safety and results.

OdorFilter Systems can be applied to virtually any process that emits hazardous gases like H2S, mercaptans or carbonyl sulfides. We offer SOLUTIONS including but not limited to the following applications:
  • Asphalt and Petroleum Transport and Processing
  • Agricultural Processes
  • Food & Beverage Production & Processing
  • Landfill Gas
  • Pulp and Paper Mill Processing
  • Tanneries
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Configurations vary, based on application and can be skid or trailer mounted or as simple as a single over pack drum. MV can design and supply dedicated blowers or work with existing vapor recovery systems. OdorFilter™ Systems are stable, high-impact solutions that are far superior to using activated carbon alone, in cost performance for the removal of H2S, mercaptan-based odors and visible blue/grey smoke.
  • Eliminates odors from H2S
  • Reduces operating costs and increases tme between service cycles
  • Landfill ‘friendly’ or completely biodegradable
If you’d like to email info@mvseer.com with your project parameters, an MV Engineer will provide a system recommendation and budgetary quote.

MV Technologies Preferred Media:
  • BAMTM enhanced iron sponge media MV modifies commercially available iron sponge and markets it as B.A.M. (bio-active media). MV purchases standard grade iron sponge product from a commodity supplier, and enhances that material with biological agents to produce a more reactive and effective media.
  • AxTrapTM high capacity granular media MV Technologies is a distributor of AxTrapTM media products. AxTrapTM media is the exclusive product of Axens with USA and foreign patents granted and applied for. AxTrap is a trademark of Axens, all rights reserved.
Learn more about our preferred media technologies, here.
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