Applying Technology to Meet Your Needs

MV Technologies has been solving H2S reduction and removal challenges across a wide range of industries for more than a decade. Our scrubber systems can handle everything from normal or "typical" levels of H2S to extreme levels.

In addition, MV Technologies has experience in unique and challenging industrial setups. Whether your system is in need of a modern update to bring it into compliance with government regulations, or if your set-up faces other challenges such as unusual terrain conditions, our engineers are ready to design a system that will solve the problems you're currently facing and could potentially deal with in the future.


Why Remove H2S?

H2S is a colorless and highly flammable gas that is produced by the breakdown of organic matter. It is also found in natural gas, petroleum products, and certain industrial processes. Exposure to H2S can cause a variety of health issues, including nausea, headaches, and breathing difficulties. This means that by law, the gas has to be removed from these industrial products whenever possible.

For this reason, the use of H2S removal systems has grown in popularity in recent years. H2S removal systems are designed to remove the gas from industrial and commercial environments, providing a safe and efficient way to reduce the risks associated with the gas.


How Can MV Technologies Help?

H2S removal systems from MV Technologies are designed to reduce the risk of exposure to the gas. These systems can be used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, and wastewater treatment. The systems typically use a combination of chemical and physical methods to reduce the amount of H2S in the air or in the product being produced. The most common methods include catalytic oxidation and absorption.

Specifically, MV Technologies installs systems that will use chemical and physical processes to remove excess levels of H2S from the industrial gas being produced by your facility. This gas is trapped in a solid or liquid filter that is easily swapped out as needed. Most clients are able to swap their own filters in just a few minutes.

H2S removal systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to reduce the risk of exposure to gas. By using these systems, businesses, and industries can ensure that their employees and customers are not exposed to hazardous levels of H2S. Additionally, using these systems can help reduce the environmental impact of H2S emissions.

MV Technologies H2S removal systems are in use, treating hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of biogas streams from landfills to anaerobic digesters at farms, wastewater treatment facilities, and food & beverage processing operations, and provide customers a range of cost-effective solutions to H2S management.

MV Technologies H2S removal systems help:

  • meet H2S and SO2 emissions limits
  • improve odor control and safety
  • efficiently convert LFG to pipeline quality grade
  • extend the life of activated carbon - thereby reducing cost by needing less frequent filter replacements
  • reduce equipment maintenance costs and improve the uptime of power-generating equipment

Systems are modular, simple-to-install solutions that can be sized to meet your exact needs today and easily and inexpensively expanded over time as your baseline requirements grow. If your H2S management requirements decline, the systems can be scaled down to as low as you need with no loss of performance.

Which System Is Right For Your Project?

OdorFilter, H2SPlus, BioH2SPlus, or SullfAx? The easiest way to find out which system is right for your project is to contact us with details about it. An MV Engineer will thenprovide you with a system design recommendation and budgetary quote. We hope to hear from you!

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