H2S Removal Options

There are many ways to remove H2S from a gas stream; chemical processes, biological processes, dry media scrubbers, thermal treatment and filtration. Each of these general categories of course include a further range of choices.

At MV Technologies, we help our Customers approach their H2S management project by understanding clearly the treatment objectives in the context of the other site-specific conditions in order to determine which technology options are truly viable.

Gas flow rate, inlet and desired outlet H2S concentrations, reason for treatment and the nature of the gas source are the basic starting points in the analysis and can serve to reduce quickly the field of available options. From there however, to get to the “best choice” we will want to understand intended use of the gas, up-time requirements, the presence and concentration of other compounds in the gas stream, and the intended position of the H2S treatment in the total gas process train.

To begin to drill-down on information specific to your project gas stream and understand how MV Technologies can address your project objectives, select application (below):

Anaerobic Digester Biogas Treatment

MV Technologies H2SPlus Systems and SulfAx Systems are in use to treat biogas for emissions control to beneficial end-use across all forms of biogas processes on farms, at wastewater treatment facilities and for large waste and industrial facilities...
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Landfill Gas Treatment

MV Technologies H2SPlus Systems and SulfAx Systems are in use at Landfill sites to treat landfill gas for SO2 emissions compliance as well as use to fuel boilers or other process equipment, to power generator sets, or to convert to CNG either directly or through utility pipeline...

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Industrial Odor Control & Safety

MV Technologies OdorFilter Systems are in use at various hydrocarbon processing facilities and petrochemical plants for the removal of mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide-based odors emitted during procedures such as loading and offloading refined products…

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