High-Performance H2S Removal Technology

MV Technologies helps customers achieve compliance and condition biogas for end use. Whether for agricultural biogas, landfill gas, wastewater or other biogas projects, our proven, high-performance technology provides superior hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal and odor control solutions.

As a leading provider of H2S removal systems and media, MV Technologies offers customers cost-effective, long-term solutions that deliver optimized performance and ease-of-use.

The MV Technologies Difference

What sets MV Technologies hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal systems apart from others is the combination of high-performance media with a proven system design, informed by over 15 years of in-field application.

Cost-effective H2S removal solutions that offer consistent performance and a scalable & flexible design.

Additionally, MV stands behind its system design, with the MV Performance Guarantee*.

<center>Anaerobic Digester Biogas Treatment</center>
Anaerobic Digester Biogas Treatment

MV Technologies H2SPlus Systems and SulfAx Systems are in use to treat H2S in biogas streams for emissions control to beneficial end-use across applications from anaerobic digesters at farms, wastewater treatment facilities, food & beverage processing…and more.

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<center>Landfill Gas Treatment</center>
Landfill Gas Treatment

MV Technologies H2SPlus Systems and SulfAx Systems are in use treating biogas streams from landfills for SO2 and H2S emissions compliance as well as fuel for boilers or other process equipment, to power gen sets, or to convert to CNG either directly or through utility pipeline.

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<center>Industrial Odor Control & Safety</center>
Industrial Odor Control & Safety

MV Technologies OdorFilter Systems are in use at various hydrocarbon process facilities, petrochemical plants and wastewater treatment facilities for the removal of mercaptan- and hydrogen sulfide-based odors and H2S vapors.

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PROJECT: Solid Waste Landfill Gas-to-Energy, Florida

APPLICATION: In order for the site to meet their air permit requirements for the new power generation plant, the H2S levels must be treated to below 140 ppm. The facility was looking for an economical solution with minimal operator attention.

SOLUTION: After an extensive vetting process the facility selected a six-vessel H2SPlus System to treat up to 4,500 SCFM as required to meet the permit level of 140 ppm H2S. The system is expandable as the LFG production increases.

And, we're pleased to share that our partners on this project were recognized by ACEC/MN for their engineering achievement. View article here,"HR Green project named ACEC/MN Grand Award Winner"

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