LFG - Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project (Pennsylvania)

Project Description


Landfill Gas

Flow Rate:

Total: 7,000 SCFM; Treated: 5,500 SCFM

H2S Treatment:

700 ppm down to 200 ppm


Qty. 6; 14’D x 12”H

Completion Date:

Fall 2013


Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project, Pennsylvania


An environmental systems project includes a 10.2MW power plant, with two turbine packages and associated equipment, tied directly into the local power grid. The landfill gas is piped to the power generation facility. The gas is required to be treated to below 200 ppm in order to comply with the facility’s air permit.

MV Solution:

MV supplied a six-vessel H2SPlus System, utilizing 14’ diameter tanks with a 12’ straight sidewall. To achieve the outlet requirement, MV designed the system with a bypass and blend approach, treating 5,500 SCFM down to 0 ppm and combining with the other 1,500 SCFM on the outlet to achieve a total H2S outlet of less than 200 ppm. The six-vessel system holds 8,568 ft3 of media for a bedlife of 7 months. Currently the site is treating the entire flow of gas to the turbines as they have realized significant maintenance cost savings as well as significantly more run time.

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