LFG - Renewable Energy Facility (Georgia)

Project Description



Flow Rate:

Total: 1,600 SCFM; Treated: 1,425 SCFM

H2S Treatment:

1,700 ppm down to 200 ppm


Qty. 4; 12’D x 11’8”H

Completion Date:

December 2013

Landfill Gas-to-Energy, Georgia


The renewable energy facility is designed, built, owned and operated by a regional energy service provider to collect the LFG, and use it as a fuel source to power generators. The facility is designed to generate 4.8MW, and requires treatment of a source H2S concentration of 1,700 ppm at 1,600 SCFM. The facility’s air emissions permit requires the H2S concentration to be below 200 ppm.

MV Solution:

To meet the H2S specification, MV supplied four 12’ diameter by 11’-8” tall vessels, with a total media capacity of 4,368 ft3 of media. Designed media bed life is 170-days. The treated LFG has an H2S concentration in the 0-10 ppm range. The facility bypasses a portion of the LFG and re-blends it with the treated LFG. The blended LFG is targeted to an H2S level to comply with the air permit. By operating the system in this manner, it cuts operating cost of the H2SPlus System by 12%.

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