Wastewater - Cogen Facility Improvements (Florida)

Project Description


Wastewater Treatment Biogas

Flow Rate:

1,000 cfm

H2S Treatment:

2,100 ppm down to < 10 ppm


Qty. 2; 12’D x 12’H

Completion Date:

August 2013

Wastewater Cogeneration Facility Improvements, Florida


MV Technologies responded to a bid solicitation for improvements to an existing cogeneration facility at the municipal wastewater treatment facility. Inlet H2S concentration is 2,100 ppm, with a desired outlet of less than 10 ppm for the 1,000 cfm gas flow.

MV Solution:

A two-vessel system was developed, utilizing two 12’ diameter x 12’ tall vessels containing a combined 2,100 ft3 of our media. These vessels treat the 2,100 ppm hydrogen sulfide concentrations for at least 70-days before 10 ppm breakthrough.

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