LFG - County Landfill (New Jersey)

Project Description


Landfill Gas

Flow Rate:

1,450 SCFM

H2S Treatment:

2,000 ppm down to 100 ppm


Qty. 3; 10’D x 12'H and Qty. 2; 12’D x 12’H

Completion Date:

Summer 2006 w/ additions in 2008 & 2010


County Landfill, New Jersey


This facility was the first installation of an H2SPlus System at a landfill. Since 2006 a single 8’ diameter by 12’ tall vessel has been successfully treating 150 SCFM of LFG from 2,000 ppm H2S down to 100 ppm, to meet facility air permits. This gas was then being utilized to generate power. In 2008, a second system was supplied to remove hydrogen sulfide from another location at the landfill. In 2010, two additional treatment vessels were added to keep up with the ever increasing LFG production. Originally the LFG was utilized as boiler fuel at a local school. Over time as LFG production increased the landfill installed a power generation plant to maximize the beneficial use of the LFG.

MV Solution:

To meet the needs of increased LFG production at the facility three 10’ diameter by 12’ tall vessels were added at a second location at the landfill. This system was further expanded in 2010, with the addition of two 12’ diameter by 12’ tall vessels. The expanded H2SPlus System treats a total flow of 1,450 SCFM. The H2S concentrations are reduced from 2,000 ppm to below 100 ppm.

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