Biogas - Beef Processing Facility (Colorado)

Project Description


Covered Lagoon Digester Biogas

Flow Rate:

1,400 SCFM

H2S Treatment:

1,600-2,000 ppm


Qty. 3; 12’D x 10’H

Completion Date:


Beef Processing Facility, Colorado


A large meat processing facility in Colorado processes 5,000 cattle head/day on average. Digested processing waste generates 1,400 SCFM biogas from a covered lagoon with H2S concentrations from 1,600-2,000 ppm. The biogas is typically utilized in the facility boilers and is required to meet the site air permit conditions.

MV Solution:

MV Technologies installed an H2SPlus System with three 12’ diameter by 10’ tall vessels. The system continues to operate efficiently to achieve the desired H2S concentration delivered to the biogas boilers. The system was initially installed to meet the facility’s air permit however the facility realized a very dramatic decrease in the maintenance requirements for the boilers. This site is currently evaluating expansion to a fourth vessel and an upgraded controls system.

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