Biogas -Anaerobic Digestion Facility (California)

Project Description


Dry Anaerobic Digester Biogas

Flow Rate:

350 SCFM

H2S Treatment:

200-2,000 ppm down to 25 ppm


Qty. 1; 12’D x 11’-6"H

Completion Date:

Summer 2015

Dry Fermentation Anaerobic Digestion Facility, California


MV Technologies supplied a low-cost solution for H2S removal from a 350 SCFM biogas stream generated at this digester facility. The anticipated H2S levels are 200-2,000 ppm, with occasional spikes to 5,000 ppm. The operator was spending several thousand dollars per week on an activated carbon H2S scrubber and additional costs associated with the frequent replacement of the activated carbon.

MV Solution:

The single vessel H2SPlus System is designed to deliver less than 25 ppm outlet H2S, regardless of fluctuating inlet H2S concentrations. The 12’ diameter x 11’-6” tall vessel utilizing 1,050 ft3 of enhanced iron sponge media is designed to last at least six-months before media replacement is required. Due to high cost of the activated carbon the operator considered shutting down the power plant prior to the installation of the H2SPlus System. The MV system allowed the power generation portion of the project to return to profitability.

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