Sulfur Vapor Mitigation System, California

Project Description


Molten sulfur was to be transferred from a tractor trailer vessel into a railcar tanker at a rate of 220 gpm. The gas displaced in the rail tanker as the vessel filled (30 cfm) had an H2S concentration of 500 ppm. This gas was to be treated for safety and odor concerns. A minimum flowrate of 50 scfm was selected to ensure proper ventilation of gasses. The filling railcar was the primary mitigation zone, however, mitigation was also required at the tractor trailer, as well as the transfer pump and sump. Site and design constraints required the system to be portable, thus an effort was made to keep the system size small enough to be efficiently transported.

Flow Rate:

50 scfm


30 cfm

Sulfur Vapor Mitigation System, California

MV provided a single-stage SulfAx system, containing a 4’ diameter media vessel. This was mounted on a portable skid to allow the customer to move the system with ease. MV worked with the customer throughout the duration of the project to adapt to changing needs and provided a finished product that gave the customer an anticipated bed life of 220 days.

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