Dairy Digester, Idaho


A leading biogas developer, approached MV Technologies for a system to reduce the total hydrogen sulfide concentration in a biogas stream from a 15,000-head manure-based digester. The system was required to meet the facilities air emissions permit requirements. Generating 4.2MW, the digester H2S concentration can fluctuate from 800-1,000 ppm.

MV Solution:

A single-vessel H2SPlus System treats a portion of the gas to reduce the amount of H2S to comply with the facility’s air permit. Originally the operator of the system treated only enough biogas to comply with the air permit. They found their engine maintenance cost decreased as they increased the amount of biogas treated. The increased media cost was more than justified by the decreased maintenance cost. This facility is considering system expansion and may add a second vessel to their H2SPlus System to treat more of the gas flow and deliver less sulfur to the engines. .

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