About MV Technologies

MV Technologies specializes in air emissions and odor control solutions with a primary emphasis on dry scrubber hydrogen sulfide removal systems for a broad range of industrial applications.

We design gas cleaning systems engineered to cost-effectively remove H2S and sulfur-based compounds from landfill gas and digester biogas. Our systems enable air emissions compliance; eliminate odor; minimize maintenance costs for downstream equipment; and help prepare gas utilization for renewable energy.

We partner with Engineering Firms, Project Developers and End-Users to identify the best H2S removal solution for their projects and customize our turnkey solutions to fit unique project needs and/or work within existing system designs.

MV Technologies system designs are informed by over a decade of in-field application. Our solutions and processes are founded on the principles of applying best available technology to site-specific conditions and it is through our extensive field experience and drive to innovate that we continue to develop proven techniques that deliver the most consistent and cost-effective solutions for H2S removal from gas streams.

To learn more about our solutions, or to request a system proposal, please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your project.

Industry Segments We Serve

Landfill Gas Treatment

  • Landfill Odor and Emission Management
  • Landfill Gas Processing for Energy Conversion

Oil & Gas Production

  • Biodiesel Processing Ethanol Production
  • Asphalt Production Emission and Odor Control

Agricultural Biogas Production and Use

  • Dairy Processing, Meat and Poultry Processing
  • Farm-Based Digester Gas Processing for Energy Conversion

Food & Beverage and Industrial Processes

  • Pharmaceutical Biogas Treatment for Emissions and Use
  • Food & Beverage Biogas Treatment for Emissions and Use

Industrial or Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Wastewater Treatment Odor Control
  • Wastewater Treatment Biogas Processing for Energy Conversion

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