H2S Media Cost Calculator RESULTS

Compare H2S Removal Media Cost


Based on the system parameters that you entered, your H2S treatment requirement is approximately X pounds of H2S per year. Your estimated cost of media consumption, by media type, is listed below. Additional considerations in comparing common H2S removal technologies for biogas and landfill gas can be viewed here.

Media Type Approx. Annual Media Costs
Iron Sponge
Granular Media
Activated Carbon
Flow Rate: 0
Inlet Concentration: 0
Outlet Concentration: 0
Iron Sponge: 0
Granular Media: 0
Activated Carbon: 0
Treatment Requirement: 0
Annual Treatment Requirement: 0
Annual Iron Sponge: 0
Annual Granular Media: 0
Annual Activated Carbon: 0

MV Technologies B.A.M. iron sponge media is often the most cost-effective solution for our clients, although we also design granular based systems and systems that utilize granular or activated carbon as a polisher.

Our goal is to help you identify the best solution for your site-specific parameters and we hope you'll take advantage of our expertise in this area and/or allow us to provide you with a budgetary quote.


Note: Your estimated annual media costs assume you are, in fact, getting advertised H2S removal capacity rates from your media. Many users of dry granular media do not achieve advertised rates for a number of reasons, including not running media charges to full completion in order to reduce changeover issues. It may be worthwhile to check your actual annual expenditures.

Freight Considerations: In addition to the media cost savings projected above, converting to our H2SPlus system and BAM can provide very significant additional savings through lower costs of shipping media to your site. As you will be using approximately half the typical media weight with an H2SPlus system and BAM, your freight savings could be considerable – potentially tens of thousands of dollars in addition to the results of the calculation above.

Of course system-specific design considerations vary by site. Contact us to learn more about how much you can save annually given your unique requirements.