SulfAx® System Selected by SÉMECS and Biogaz EG for Canadian Project

SulfAx® System Selected by SÉMECS and Biogaz EG for Canadian Project

June 28, 2017
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MV Technologies SulfAx® System Selected by SÉMECS and Biogaz EG for H2S Removal In Canadian Biomethanization Project

GOLDEN, CO – June 28, 2017 --  MV Technologies, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEER, Inc., has expanded its footprint into the Canadian market with a sale of its SulfAx® system to Société d’Économie mixte de l’est de la Couronne Sud Inc. (SÉMECS), for use in the Quebec Biomethanization Program.

MV Technologies’ SulfAx® system was selected by SÉMECS and Biogaz EG, the project developer and operator, to eliminate hazardous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from the anaerobic digester gas stream.  Biogaz EG is a joint venture of Greenfield Ethanol and Groupe Valorrr, both of which are leaders in biomass fuels production.

SÉMECS was awarded a $31 million grant from the Quebec Provincial government, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The project, located in Varennes, Quebec, will serve the East Couronne Sud area of greater Montreal, representing 235,000 residents.  Its aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while generating biogas – a green energy source – and organic fertilizers, from separated residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional organic waste traditionally destined for landfills.

“MV is honored to have been selected for such an important and ground-breaking, biogas-to-green-energy project in Quebec,” said Richard Robertson, President of MV Technologies and COO of SEER.  “This represents the sixth placement of a SulfAx® system since MV launched the product last year and adds to our installed base of H2S removal systems.”

MV’s proprietary SulfAx® system is designed to safely and cost-effectively eliminate H2S by optimizing the performance of AxTrap™, a high-capacity granular media that is readily disposable.  MV’s SulfAx® and H2SPlusTM systems are used in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, landfill, oil and gas, wastewater treatment, and now more than 30 anaerobic digester systems across North America.

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