MV Technologies H2S Removal Systems

MV Technologies H2S Removal Systems

January 2, 2020
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How MV Technologies Works For You

What MV Technologies Does

MV Technologies is an industry leader specializing in air emissions and odor control solutions with an emphasis on dry scrubber H2S removal systems for a broad range of industrial applications. MV designs gas cleaning systems engineered to cost-effectively remove H2S and mercaptan-based compounds from landfill gas, digester biogas, and other waste streams. MV systems enable air emissions compliance, eliminate odor, protect people and downstream machinery, minimize maintenance costs, and help prepare gas streams for renewable energy. 

Industries MV Technologies Serves

MV Technologies works with numerous clients across multiple industries. We work with any industry that generates biogas from the anaerobic digestion process. Our H2SPlus™ Systems are used in agricultural waste management, food and beverage processing, waste diversion and wastewater treatment. They are currently in use treating biogas from landfills, digesters at farms, wastewater treatment facilities, food and beverage processing operations and more. 

Our H2S OdorFilter™ Systems are in use at petrochemical plants, asphalt refineries and processing facilities for the removal of H2S and odors emitted during procedures, such as transferring refined product from storage tanks to trucks, barges or railcars.

MV Technologies Systems Benefits

Clients work with MV Technologies because we provide consistent and reliable performance through scalable and flexible designs that offer the lowest total cost of ownership. We stand behind our system design with the MV Performance Guarantee, working with clients who want to:

  • remove H2S and achieve SOX compliance limits.
  • extend the operating life of downstream gas-to-energy equipment and reduce maintenance costs.
  • comply with stringent pipeline/CNG/RNG specifications where the biogas is used as a fuel source.
  • protect flares and thermal oxidizers from corrosion.
  • meet equipment warranty requirements.

MV Systems Locations

MV Technologies has systems installed throughout the continental US, as well as Canada and Australia.

Learn More About MV Technologies

Think your company could benefit from MV Technologies H2S removal solutions? We would love to discuss which solution is best for your needs. Contact our VP of Business Development, Tom Jones to start the conversation.

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