How Advanced Odor Control Systems Are Revolutionizing Landfill Gas Management

H2S Removal from Landfill Gas

How Advanced Odor Control Systems Are Revolutionizing Landfill Gas Management

March 9, 2024
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Naturally, there’s a lot to consider when you own or manage a landfill, but gas management is one of the most crucial. Implementing efficient solutions like dry scrubbers to neutralize harmful gas emissions like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is an essential part of that equation, but adding a good odor control system to the mix is also advisable.


Here’s a closer look at how odor control systems from trusted companies like MV Technologies are taking modern landfills to the next level, as well as why you should consider securing one for your own facility.


Superior Efficiency


If you don’t already have an advanced odor management system in place for your landfill, chances are you’re relying solely on activated carbon and similar solutions to control the issue instead.


Activated carbon is effective, but you should know that there are more efficient media options out there for facilities like landfills. Our go-to choices include:


  • AxTrap is a granular medium that is capable of absorbing high quantities of noxious gas odor, making short work of landfill odors and toxic emissions
  • BAM (bio-active media) is an iron sponge medium enhanced with powerful biological components to make it doubly effective


Add media like these to a professional heavy-duty odor filtering system, and you can officially say goodbye to overpowering landfill odors for good.


Which specific option is right for you and your facility will depend on your unique needs, budget, and system parameters. In addition to landfills, odor control solutions like the above are also appropriate for paper processing plants, tanneries, wastewater treatment plants, and just about any other type of facility that needs a reliable way to control industrial odors.


Protection for Nearby Communities


Outdoor facilities like landfills need reliable odor control solutions to help provide an odor barrier between the facility and any nearby communities, businesses, or habitats. Upgrading to an advanced option that actively eliminates odors (instead of simply diverting them) helps provide such a barrier on a level you can truly count on.


This, in turn, results in fewer odor complaints about your landfill, safer conditions for everyone in or near your plant, and fewer disruptions to nearby ecosystems.


Fully Compliant Control


Although every industrial facility must be mindful of all applicable rules and regulations, landfills must be especially careful. Products and technology used to address issues like odors need to be environmentally responsible and fully biodegradable to remain compliant.


Today’s advanced odor control solutions for landfills eliminate unpleasant gasses and fumes without harming the environment or violating code. All products, systems, and methods are environmentally responsible and landfill-friendly.


Lower Operating Costs


Owning, running, or managing a landfill can be costly, especially when it comes to concerns like odor control and related systems. The more economically you can deal with noxious gasses and odors, the better the health of your bottom line.


Today’s advanced odor control systems are efficient enough to do the job while keeping costs minimal. Better efficiency adds up to longer stretches of operating time between necessary service appointments, as well.


Ultimately, one of the best things you can do for the effectiveness of your landfill facility is to implement more efficient systems for eliminating toxic gasses and keeping odors from getting out of control. Get in touch with MV Technologies today, tell us more about your facility, and receive a quote on the ideal odor control solution for you.

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