3 Reasons (Plus) to Use MV Technologies' H2SPlus™ System for Your Next Biogas Project

3 Reasons (Plus) to Use MV Technologies' H2SPlus™ System for Your Next Biogas Project

February 20, 2020
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What sets MV Technologies H2SPlus™ systems apart from other systems is the combination of biologically enhanced media (BAM™) with a system design informed by a wide range of in-field application and over a decade of experience.

If you are looking for an H2S removal solution for a new or existing biogas project, read on and learn why working with MV Technologies is a superior and economical option.

Proven H2S Removal Technology

H2SPlus™ systems are a biologically enhanced dry scrubber technology proven to remove H2S from gas streams across a broad base of industrial clients. H2SPlus™ systems are in use treating biogas from landfills and digesters at farms, wastewater treatment facilities, food and beverage processing operations and more.

Clients use H2SPlus™ systems to:

  • remove H2S and achieve SOX compliance limits.
  • extend the operating life of downstream gas-to-energy equipment and reduce maintenance costs.
  • comply with stringent pipeline/CNG/RNG specifications where the biogas is used as a fuel source.
  • protect flares and thermal oxidizers from corrosion.
  • meet equipment warranty requirements.

Click here see to view our portfolio of projects and satisfied customers who have benefited from our proven technologies.

MV Performance Guarantee™

In combination with high-performance media, H2SPlus™ systems are engineered to be flexible, so short-term swings in H2S concentration are handled without issue. Consequently, system operating costs fall in line with changes in H2S levels over time. Additionally, MV stands behind its system design, provides engineering support and media reorder service.

There are significant cost advantages to using the H2SPlus™ system, and the MV Performance Guarantee™ provides clients with the reassurance that MV guarantees the projected operating costs. And if operating costs are above projections, MV will make up the difference.

Key Operating Advantages

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of working with MV Technologies, there are several other operating advantages when using the H2SPlus™ system. MV customers consistently enjoy the following advantages:

  • Extended media life
  • Reduced operating expense
  • Increased ease of system use
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Predictable, efficient and safe media changeouts

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