CHP Activated Carbon System Replacement - Ag Digester (Oregon)

Project Description


Anaerobic Digester Biogas

Flow Rate:

270 SCFM

H2S Treatment:

2,000 ppm


Qty.1; 12’D x 14’H

Completion Date:

January 2014

CHP Activated Carbon System Replacement, Oregon


This agricultural digester facility, which produces 270 SCFM, utilized the activated carbon vessels (right side of photograph) for a period of 6-months to remove 2,000 ppm, accumulating more than $150,000 in operating costs for H2S removal alone.

MV Solution:

MV Technologies provided a solution to replace an activated carbon system integrated with a CHP installation. A single-vessel system was integrated, utilizing 12’ diameter x 14’ tall vessel containing 1,344 ft3 of MV’s media. The system is designed to have a 270 day bed life with an approximate annual media expense of $35,000.

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