Wastewater - Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility (Wisconsin)

Project Description

Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas
 Flow Rate:
100 SCFM
 H2S Treatment:
1,300-2,000 ppm down to < 50 ppm
Qty. 1; 8’D x 8’T
 Completion Date:
April 2015
Municipal WWT Biogas, Wastewater Treatment Biogas

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility, Wisconsin


This facility was built with a cogen unit and requires both siloxane removal and H2S removal. The H2S removal is required for the GAC siloxane removal media to operate efficiently. The siloxane system required a maximum concentration of 50 ppm H2S.

MV Solution:

A single 8’ diameter x 8’ tall vessel with 294 ft3 of media treating the gas stream with 1,300 ppm, up to 2,000 ppm H2S, down to below 50 ppm.