LFG - Municipal Landfill (Idaho)

Project Description

Landfill Gas
 Flow Rate:
Total: 4,699 SCFM; Treated: 2,956 SCFM
 H2S Treatment:
1,400 ppm down to 400 ppm
Qty. 6; 14’D x 11'-8"H
 Completion Date:
Fall 2014
Landfill Gas

Municipal Landfill, Idaho


MV Technologies responded to a bid solicitation to supply an H2S treatment system at a county owned landfill in Idaho. The gas utilized at the power generation plant is required to have an H2S concentration below 400 ppm to meet the facilities air emissions permit.

MV Solution:

To meet the specifications MV Technologies provided six 14’ diameter x 11’-8” tall with a total media capacity of 8,316 ft3. In addition the system was supplied with a sophisticated automated H2SPlus control system. This system consists of an online continuous TDLS H2S analyzer on the blended outlet flow. Also included is an online O2 analyzer. With these analyzers the control system automatically controls the raw gas bypass to maintain the specified outlet H2S concentration and controls the O2 addition system.