LFG - County Landfill II (New Jersey)

Project Description

H2S Scrubber
 Flow Rate:
3,600 SCFM
 H2S Treatment:
1,000 ppm down to 25 ppm
Qty. 6; 14’Dx11'-6"H
 Completion Date:
Oct 2020
H2S Removal Media, Iron Sponge Media, Landfill Gas
Project URL
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County Landfill II, New Jersey


The project required a new H2S scrubbing system to to remove H2S from the LFG at the landfill in New Jersey. The gas was required to be treated to no more than 25 ppm.

MV Solution:

MV provided a six-vessel configuration of our H2SPlus™ System operated in parallel. This system, containing 8,820 cu. ft. of our iron sponge media, delivers a maximum H2S outlet concentration of 25 ppm.