LFG - County District Landfill (New Jersey)

Project Description

Landfill Gas
 Flow Rate:
1,500 SCFM
 H2S Treatment:
1,000 ppm down to 5 ppm
Qty.3; 12'D x 11'-8"H
 Completion Date:
October 2013
Landfill Gas

County District Landfill, New Jersey


A Request for Bids for a Landfill Gas Sulfur Treatment System was sent out in 2012. The owner had been utilizing a liquid redox sulfur treatment system, and determined that operating costs of the system was well over $7/lb. of H2S removed. Operating costs include site maintenance personnel and electricity. Specifications required the landfill gas, with a flow rate of approximately 1,500 cfm, be reduced from an inlet of concentration of 1,200 ppm hydrogen sulfide, to less than 5 ppm. Operating cost was a key decision factor in guiding their selection. The site has a very strict air emissions permit as well.

MV Solution:

MV Technologies was awarded the contract through a general contractor, developing a three-vessel H2SPlus System for the municipal landfill. Utilizing our system, the owner was able to see operating costs reduced to less than $2/lb. of H2S removed. Additionally, since the H2SPlus System requires less operator attention, the site maintenance personnel are now able to focus on other tasks at the landfill. Each vessel, operating in parallel, contains 1,050 ft3 of MV’s enhanced BioActive Media, designed with a 180-day replacement cycle. The use of gas analyzers was successfully incorporated into the system, allowing the end-user to gather real-time data of inlet and outlet H2S concentrations. An O2 sensor is used to control the quantity of air introduced for the on-line media regeneration.

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