CHP Activated Carbon System Replacement - Ag Digester (Oregon)

Project Description

Anaerobic Digester Biogas
 Flow Rate:
270 SCFM
 H2S Treatment:
2,000 ppm
Qty.1; 12’D x 14’H
 Completion Date:
January 2014
Activated Carbon, Agricultural Biogas, Anaerobic Digestion Biogas, CHP, Dairy Processing

CHP Activated Carbon System Replacement, Oregon


This agricultural digester facility, which produces 270 SCFM, utilized the activated carbon vessels (right side of photograph) for a period of 6-months to remove 2,000 ppm, accumulating more than $150,000 in operating costs for H2S removal alone.

MV Solution:

MV Technologies provided a solution to replace an activated carbon system integrated with a CHP installation. A single-vessel system was integrated, utilizing 12’ diameter x 14’ tall vessel containing 1,344 ft3 of MV’s media. The system is designed to have a 270 day bed life with an approximate annual media expense of $35,000.