Wastewater - Meat Processing Lagoon Digester (Texas)

Project Description

Covered Lagoon Digester
 Flow Rate:
600-900 SCFM
 H2S Treatment:
4,500 ppm down to 400 ppm
Qty. 3; 12’Hx11’-8”D
 Completion Date:
August 2014
Anaerobic Digestion Biogas, Covered Lagoon Biogas, Meat Processing

Meat Processing Lagoon Digester, Texas


The facility installed a new digester to pre-treat the wastewater from the processing plant. The gas from the digester is required to be treated to below 400 ppm prior to being burned in the on-site boiler.

MV Solution:

MV provided a three-vessel H2S plus system configured with an H2S analyzer on the outlet gas and a modulating gas bypass valve. The system maintains a 400 ppm H2S outlet in order to meet the specification but also extend the bed life of the iron sponge media.